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video editing software for windows

Video editing is an art pledged and practiced by many.

However, learning video editing can be a difficult task for figuring out the right set of tools, tutorials, and guide.

In such a scenario, we have cataloged for you a list of various free video editing tools which you can leverage and utilize to learn and develop professional quality videos and movies.

Here, is the list of ten best free video editing software for PC:

1. Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft struck a home run by incorporating Windows Movie Maker in the Windows OS. Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software which can be used to make home videos and edit short video films. It offers the variety of feature from adding Titles and credits and the beginning and end of every frame. Moreover, Windows Movie Maker also provides some primary effects which accentuate the movie experience.

However, the variety is restricted to only a basic set of settings such as fade in, transitions, etc. Over the with various updates, Windows Movie Maker is now capable of adding background music, timeline narration, and audio-visual effects.

Windows Movie Maker also facilitates a user to add new effects and transitions by downloading XML codes for the same and essential it to the library.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Completely free with rich features.


  • Limited set of functions

Download this software: Windows Movie Maker

2. VirtualDub

Another powerful video editing tool available freely on Windows platform is VirtualDub. Baked with some of the amazing features. VirtualDub is a perfect tool for videography. With enriching features such as video compression, VirtualDub can be used to compress those high-quality videos to share them easily.

Video splitting is another dominant feature offered by VirtualDub. You can easy spilled sections or clips from an entire video thus, making video editing easy and efficient.

VirtualDub also offers to collaborate with third-party video filters to provide some of the best visual effects. Furthermore, it also possesses batch-processing functionality to edit and process multiple video files by running a batch job automatically at a scheduled time.


  • Smaller size and exclusive functions
  • Slice, Trim and Replace sections of the video.


  • Support for a limited set of video formats
  • Does not support Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10

How to download and install VirtualDub?

3. Avidemux

Intended for simple and basic video editing, Avidemux is another alternative for free video editing software on Windows. The best part about Avidemux is that the video editing won’t result in video quality loss.

Despite off being deemed a necessary video editing software, Avidemux offers more than its given credit for. Compared to other video editing software, Avidemux supports an extensive variety of video formats such as DVD, MPEG, MKV, and Quick Time.

It also provides some classic effects for video editing such as flip, rotation, fade and more. It also works just fine if you are looking for embedding subtitles with your video.

The other highlights of Avidemux are its capabilities of brightness control, color correction, and frame adjustment.

Moreover, there is a catalog of tutorials for what you can do with Avidemux on the Avidemux wiki. Hence, it is easier to learn and more straightforward to leverage. While Avidemux does not provide any necessary audio editing tools, it does compensate for it by allowing import or export of audio files to or from the video respectively.


  • Intuitive interface and easy to learn
  • Packed with few advanced features


  • Challenging to get a handle on it

Download this software: Avidemux

4. Blender

Blender is more than you can imagine and way better than what you may expect.

Termed popularity as the best video editor, Blender is a full-blown 3D suite for animation and videography. From modeling and motion tracking to 3D image rendering, Blender offers a comprehensive set of features at a price tag of nothing.

When it comes to video editing, Blender provides some top brass mainly regarding transitions and effects. With Blender you get features such as speed control, adjustment of video filters, adding images, video clips and audio clips to already existing file.

Thus, you can produce the best quality video with the best sound and visual effects. Intended profusely for professionals, Blender offers modifier-based modeling tools for 3D renders and powerful animation creation. As opposed to other video editing software, Blender is a node-based video editing tool which can incorporate almost anything.


  • Handcrafted for professionals
  • Quality 3D rendering and modeling


  • Overwhelming and complicated to learn

Download this software: Blender

5. Ezvid

Thought to be the world’s best free video editing software, Ezvid capture computer screen at the click of a button. Deemed as the all in one video editing software, Ezvid is more straightforward and more accessible as compared to other video editing programs.

More importantly, it comes packed with a unique feature which allows a user to convert regular text into a computer language owing to its ‘text-to-speech’ feature. It also allows you to share your newly created and edited videos on YouTube directly.

Making a video or a slideshow on Ezvid will only take up to 3 minutes because of its easy to use interface. It also supports a variety of video codecs for video conversion and compression.


  • Easy to use and learn
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube


  • Higher processing time is a buzz kill

Download this software: Ezvid

6. Lightworks

Describes as the professional video editor for everyone, Lightworks is a powerful video editor with the top of the line features. However, it comes at a cost.

Mastering Lightworks is tedious, and it takes to get used and exploit all that Lightworks has to offer. There is a pretty big learning curve to user Lightworks for video editing efficiently. Usually, the functions such as clipping, merging, compression and conversion on Lightworks are more than enough for basic video editing. But, there are a lot of advanced features which may leave you overwhelming.

Moreover, the pro version of Lightworks has been used to edit some top brass Hollywood movies and even supports 4K video creation.


  • Real-time effect
  • Aesthetic interface


  • Complex to learn

Download the software: LightWorks

7. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is one of the most influential video editors ever developed. It is implemented with an additional plugin integrating some excellent features and video effects from VirtualDub.

VideoPad video editor comes in both Lite and Premium versions with more advanced features available on Pro version.

However, the free version is capable of integrating multiple sounds into a single video clip, color transitions, and numerous video effects.

It even features light and text transitions to enhance the video quality. Moreover, VideoPad editor uses two screens, one for review and edit of the video clip and other for testing various audio and video snippets before applying in the main video.


  • Can be used by adding various plugins
  • Different screens for testing snippets and applying them


  • Limited set of features available on free version

Download the software: VideoPad


VSDC video editor appeals to any set of an audience as it can be utilized by both amateurs and professionals equally without any hiccups.

With professionals experts, VSDC video editor can generate some breathtaking and phenomenal quality videos. More importantly, VSDC video editor supports almost all the video formats for compression and conversion.

Furthermore, VSDC also offers advanced video effects and transitions for enhancing the video quality. Color correction and volume correction are two of the most amazing features provided by VSDC video editor. Videos created by VSDC are not filled with watermarks and are exclusive to the person creating them.


  • completely free to use
  • Access to some of the most advanced features
  • Packed with Normalization for professional video quality


  • Technical help and support are not free
  • Learning can be tedious without any free help

Download this software: VSDC

9. Shotcut

Another professional video editing software, Shotcut is on the same level as Lightworks. The only limitation of Shotcut is its uncanny user interface which takes time to adapt to.

Apart from importing the video to be edited you are required to choose an editing m mode which makes it complicated for no reason.

Shotcut was initially developed for Linux and now has been converted to Windows system. Besides various editing modes from amateur to professional, Shotcut provides some best real-time effects and video transitions. It also offers an amazing variety of video filters for improving the video quality and giving it an entrancing effect.


  • Video filters are customizable
  • Different editing modes catering to different needs


  • Learning curve involved is sleep

Download this software: Shotcut

10. Hitfilm

Hitfilm is known popularly as a video editing and visual effect software. With Hitfilm you can access around 180+ visual effects and more than 100 transitions. It even features 3D editing and rendering.

Besides such classy features, Hitfilm also consists of a pool of tutorials for using various effects and transitions based on multiple movies and famous TV series.

The free version has everything one asks for any video editing software, but the premium version of Hitfilm packs more power with 3D rendering, audio syncing.


  • Customizable paid packages suiting your needs
  • Variety of unique audio and visual effects
  • Huge catalog of tutorials based on famous movies and TV shows


  • Can be trickier to learn
  • Pro version is tad costly

Download this software: Hitfilm

The aforementioned of 3D, some of the video editing tools mentioned above are capable of helping you develop some amazing quality of 3D videos.

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