These 5 Terrible Things Not To Do With Android Phones


things not to do with Android phones

Smartphone has become one of the most important gadgets in our lives. terrible

We use a smartphone to take photos, capture favorite videos, keep secret files and we even use it to do small tasks of our daily lives.

But, many of us don’t care about the smartphone, we use to do wrong things with our phones.

Here are, Five Things Not To Do With Android Phones

There are many bad things that people are doing with their Android Smartphones. But, in this article, I’m going to share five terrible things that you should not do with your Android phone and that you should avoid from now.

1. Installing apps from unknown source

On Google Play Store there is over 3 million application, and the number is increasing every day.
However, many Android users seem to be downloading application form unknown sources which are not a smart choice.
The Android applications you download from except Google Play Store is not controlled by Google.
And thus the application from unknown sources may be coded with malicious code especially to stole data from users or to monitor your activities or to hack your device.
So, I don’t recommend to download applications from unknown sources.

2.Using Fake Applications

 The technology is growing very fast, and regarding smartphone technology, it is faster. In the market, you can find less featured smartphones more featured smartphones. Many of us are using the fake applications in a less featured smartphone to get more features.An example, you can find an application that can help you to lock and unlock your smartphone with
An example, you can find apps that claim to add fingerprint sensor on a smartphone. But, it is not true, the features like fingerprint sensor, an iris scanner, face unlocking, etc. features are based on the hardware of a device.
Beware of those fake applications that will not benefit you.

3.Using Battery Saver

Many of us using battery saver to improve battery life. But, the battery saver application is not necessary as you think.
A battery saver always keeps working in the background to kill running apps, to data, wifi,  Bluetooth, and GPS off to save the battery. But the battery saver itself consuming more power from the battery to perform the function and it affects the battery and the processor of your smartphone.
You can manually do all those things that a battery can do; it doesn’t take you more than a minute to perform all these stuff.

4. Rooting Of Phone

 On a rooted smartphone you can edit and modify software, you can use the applications that usually mobile manufacturing companies don’t allow, you can improve performance and much more.
However, a rooted smartphone is always at risk. The warranty will be void when you root your smartphone. It becomes easy for malware and viruses to attack a rooted phone and you may face security issues. And, you may also damage your smartphone if you miss any process while rooting.
However, If you properly know a device rooting process and want to take risks, then you can root your phone.

5. Giving Permission to App

When you open some applications, they ask you to permit to use your personal information or,  your device location and so on.
Be aware while allowing applications to use your information on your phone.
May some application ask you allow to use your personal information which is unrelated to the app function.
An example, when a Torch-Light  App asks you turn on the GPS, the permission asking by this App is not related to App service. It doesn’t make any sense to use GPS location by a battery Torch-Light app. In this case, you should not permit that Torch-Light app to use GPS location on your device.
And, you should also never give unnecessary permission to any application on your Android smartphone.
Smartphones have become our best friends, and you should take care of it. I hope this article helps you to understand the things that you should not do with your smartphone.

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