10 Biggest Technology Myths Busted And Debunked


technology myths busted and debunked

Technology has magically advanced over the years. It helps us to make our lives easier through several ways. We have surrounded by technology. We start morning using technology and to the sleeping time or even during sleep like using sleep trackers.

But, we still have understood the technology in wrong way called tech myths. Today, I’m going to help you to clear some of the most prominent tech myths that you should know.

 1. Facebook and Google are free

It is the most common tech myth that most of the people believe Facebook and Google are free but, they are not.

Let me explain!

Google tracks our information like IP address, type of a browser we use, the language of a browser when we search on Google and when visiting a website. In other words, Google tracks us what we search on Google and other websites too. From that tracked information Google display ads relevant to user interest when a user visits any site on the internet.  If a user clicks on that ads, Google makes money as well as the website owner also makes money where the ads are displaying.

Facebook also makes money as like Google. Facebook also track our personal information such as what we like and share; it interacts with our profile and other activities we perform on Facebook.

2.Battery will damage when it charge whole night

It is one of the biggest technology myth you have heard, and you are still following, but it’s not true actually.

Modern devices are smarter than we used to earlier. The advanced devices are capable of stop charging when the battery becomes full. So, you don’t need to worry if you forget to disconnect the charger in the night. You can always connect charger before going to bed and unplug it in the morning when it becomes full.

3. More MP camera only produce excellent image quality

The quality of the image doesn’t just depend upon MP of that camera. The quality of pictures and videos of a specific camera depends on its sensor, aperture, lens quality and other more factors should be considered. A low MP camera with high-quality sensor, larger aperture, and a good lens can take an excellent picture than a high MP camera with low-quality sensor, smaller aperture, and a low-quality lens.

4.Macs don’t get infected with malware and viruses

This is one the most common tech myth that people think.

Macs have built based on MacOS operating system which is more secure than Windows OS.  And, numbers of Windows users in the world is higher than Mac users that’s why the priority of cybercriminals are mostly on Windows OS.  That’s why to infect of malware and viruses on Windows is higher compared to MacOS and Linux OS. But, it doesn’t mean that MacOS is 100 % secure.

As Windows OS, MacOS can also be infected by malware and viruses, but the chance is low. So, make sure to use security software on your Mac to keep it more protected.

5.More network-bars on a smartphone means good service

If you’re still believing that more network bars on your smartphone expect good service, then you’re entirely wrong.

More network bars on a smartphone indicates the strength of cellular tower connected to the smartphone device and the distance between them, not the service quality.

The quality of service provider depends on the number of devices connected to a cellular tower and technology used by the service provider.

6.Bitcoin is illegal

Bitcoin is a digital currency which was created back in 2009. You can use bitcoin to perform online transactions. The price of a bitcoin is going higher every day, 1 Bitcoin was equal to $0.003 in March 2010 and $4434 in October 2017.

Maximum people think Bitcoin is illegal. But, partially it is not true at all. Bitcoin is legal in maximum countries in the world except for few countries. Where Bitcoin is legal and where not, you should read this article.

7.A Smartphone can cause cancer

You may read on newspaper a smartphone can cause cancer. But, it is also not true.

Not any researchers proved that a smartphone could create cancer. A smartphone doesn’t cause cancer but it can harm your eye and can disrupt your sleep. So, it is advised to use a smartphone in the usual way.

8.F5 button makes a computer super fast

A computer got f1 to f12 total twelve functions buttons. Every function buttons have a different function, but, the f5 we use whenever we open a computer.

I guess you are doing too every day to make your computer fast. Most of the people think by pressing f5 button makes the PC fast. The f5 button refreshes or reloads the documents on the computer. It doesn’t make the computer fast as you think.

9.Third-party charger

You may get advised from many people around you that don’t use a third-party charger. You can use the third-party charger, but make sure that you purchase the charger from a reputed brand.

10.Safely not removed

The another biggest tech myth is If you safely not remove hard-drive, pen drive or other any devices connected to a computer and laptops then all data from the storage devices will be lost.

You will not lose any data from a device connected to the computer if you directly remove the device. But, you may lose data from the connected device if the transfer is running.

I hope this article helps you clear out some of the most significant technology myths.

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