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Are you a fan of the Android phones? Do you love the freedom that Android offers you?

If your answer is anywhere close to Yes, then you would be much more happier after rooting your device. Once you gain root on your device, you will be able to perform the unperformable tasks.

We have seen people messing hours and hours in the Google to find a guide to root their Android device. Bur, we mostly get ways to root through computers which are little hard ways for some of the newbies out there. So in such case, what should one do?

Well, that shouldn’t worry you much as we are going to clear crystal the various step by step methods that will help you get root on your Android device without the use of the computer.

We will be listing down the methods in detail so that it won’t give you a brainer. Trust me it’s a lot easy than you think!

Hey wait, did I Introduce you to the basic concept first? Let us check out some mandatory points and then head on to the main keyword part.

What is Rooting and is it safe to perform?

Alright, we talked this and that, but we still didn’t mention the definition of Rooting. Some of you may even have doubts regarding Rooting and all. So, let’s clear this primary thing.

In simple language, rooting means to gain the administrative rights on your phone or tablet. There are specific barriers set on your device by your manufacturer which gets breached after you root the device.

You will gain entry to the root directory and will be able to perform everything which you were not able to do till now. From modification to customization, everything will be possible.

Pros and Cons of Rooting

Half knowledge is a perilous thing! We should be fully aware of all the facts related Rooting before we dive into the middlemost section of the article.

You might be a lot excited to root your device finally bur my friend, please slow down! Be patience while performing such tasks. Understand all the advantages of Rooting, so you don’t get any shock of surprise later on.

There are numerous advantages of rooting, but we will be listing the main ones. We suggest you read the points carefully before taking the final step.


  • Rooting will enable you to access all of the files on the device. This includes not only the normal files and folders but also the content inside the root directory. By granting root permissions, you will also be able to perform functions like Delete and Edit.
  • After rooting, you will be able to make your device perform better. You will be able to increase your battery life, speed up your phone, etc.
  • The internal memory of the Android device can also be increased as after rooting you can swap between your internal and memory card.
  • The bloatware installed on the device can also be removed by installing special kind of rooted app made for such purposes.
  • Ever heard of the full backup? After any device has got rooted, you can take backup of your whole device using backup apps like Titanium Backup. It saves almost every detail of your device includes even game progress.


Every coin has two sides, and this is same in case of Rooting also. There are some disadvantages which you must know before you proceed to the main task of performing. So, let’s check it out!

  • If rooting is not performed with caution, the one small wrong step can also get your phone hard bricked! Once it’s hard bricked, it’s not easy to solve the issue. In most of the cases, you have only one option, and that is to replace the motherboard to get your phone back to a working state.
  • Rooting is not supported by some manufacturers! They don’t like rooting for their devices, and after rooting, it will result in a void of your warranty.
  • There are chances of personal data loss during the process of rooting. At times, while performing a rooting process, your device may automatically get hard reset. So, we advise you to always keep backup of your data ready in such types of situations.
  • The owners of rooted devices keep getting all types of updates on their device which they have to perform manually. You will stop getting any official updates from now on! It’s all manual now.
  • Once rooted, your device will lose a lot of security, and it will also give way to many harmful viruses through the superuser apps as these apps come preloaded with some of the harmful viruses.

Things you should take care of-

So, you have read and understood the main points we have discussed above.

It’s now time to know some things we need to take care of before performing a root on our Android phone. These points should not be ignored at all!

  • Make sure that your device bootloader is unlocked.
  • Take a full and secure backup of your phone data.
  • Make sure that your phone’s battery is at least 70% charged.
  • Make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on your device. Just head to Setting << Developer Options << USB Debugging << Enable it!

How to root Android device without a computer?

In today’s time, performing root has become a very easy task as we have got many one click root apps.

Earlier, it used to be a little hard to root the phone, but with time, everything became easier. If you are a newbie or a person who doesn’t have access to PC, then this guide will surely help you to root your Android phone.

Advantages of using one click root apps

Rooting is a term which is introduced to most of us through social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. In starting newbies make a mindset that all these processes are hard to do and you need to be an expert to this.

But, trust me it’s a lot easier than you think especially when you rooting by taking help of one-click root apps. Let’s check out some of the main benefits of using root APK apps.

  • The best part is that Rooting can be performed without the use of PC or computer.
  • These are risk-free apps with very less chance of getting your phone bricked.
  • They are mostly free to download and utilize.
  • Best way to root for newbies.
  • They can help you to root your phone without risk of losing personal data.

General methods to root any Android Device

Let’s now finally take a look at the steps to root your device. These are very easy to perform, but still, we recommend you to read them carefully, so you avoid making any mistakes later on.

  1. Install the one click root app by following the download link.
  2. Once they are downloaded, it’s time to install them on your device (Make sure that installation from unknown sources has been enabled)
  3. After that open the application, and you will be able to see a special button clicking on which will root your device.
  4. Wait for the root process to get the finish. Once done, it will automatically reboot your phone or tell you to do it.

Congrats! Your phone would have now got rooted.

Different apps to get root on your Android devices


As the name says Kingroot, it performs like a King only. It is one of the oldest and most downloaded apps for rooting. Millions of people have tried this app. The app has been created by Kingroot, and you can find some good number of reviews about this app.

The only bad thing about the app is that it can root Android devices of version 5.0 or below only.

How to perform root using Kingroot?

  • Go ahead and download Kingroot APK.
  • Install it on your phone and try to get access to the primary interface by clicking on try now button.
  • Proceed by clicking on get now button. Wait for the process to get finished.
  • Finally, it will show the status that your phone has been rooted.


Framaroot is another popular one-click root app available on the marker. This app is also preferred by many users.

It’s very popular and recommended by experts too. The application may look simple in design, but it’s functioning is quite compelling. Anyways, let’s check how we can root our phone using Framaroot.

How to perform Root using Framaroot?

  • First, download the Framaroot application.
  • Once installed, open the app and click on Install SuperSu.
  • After that proceed by selecting any one from Boromir or Aragorn exploit.
  • After it completes the process, you will see the sign of successfully rooted device.
  • Just perform a simple reboot and enjoy using your rooted device.


Don’t get confused between Kingoroot and Kingroot. Both are quite different apps by different developers. Anyways, Kingoroot is one of the most popular apps available on the market.

This app is known for its speed. Yes, you will be able to get root access on your device with just one click pretty fast.

How to perform Root using Kingoroot?

  • Download the Kingoroot APK.
  • Install the application and open and select No Root button.
  • Once you click on the button, it will start the rooting process. Wait till it doesn’t get finished.
  • Once the process has gets completed 100%, it will greet you with a message that reads, Successfully Rooted.
  • Boom! Just perform a simple reboot and enjoy using your root device.

That brings us to the end of the article on guide to ” How to root any Android Phone without using a computer”? We hope that you liked reading the article and gaining some valuable knowledge.

We listed the most used and trusted apps by users. There are many other applications in the market, but these are some of the best ones. But, still, we would like to notify you again that we will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device or data. You will be using these methods at your own risk.

So, did you try rooting by using the above app? Which app helped you? Let us know in the comments section below and also don’t forget to share the valuable information by sharing the article on your social media handles.

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