Top 10 Mobile Data Saving Tips For Android Phones


mobile data saving tips for android phones

Android smartphones have evolved over the years, and so has the ingestion of data by them. While recent trends in mobile data are undoubtedly exciting, you must not spend any more than you need to on your data plans.

There are various ways to restrict mobile data usage so that you don’t exhaust your limit earlier than you would expect.

Given below are top 10 mobile data saving tips for Android phones.

1.Switch off mobile data when not in use

One of the reasons why we end up losing more data than we utilize is because we often fail to turn off mobile data when we aren’t using it.

When the mobile data is on, many backgrounds process and application consume your data to look for notifications and other settings. Switching off mobile data avoids applications from consuming data.

But, switching off mobile data would mean losing access to on-time notifications from various applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In such a case explore other mobile data saving tips.

2.Connect to a WiFi

The best alternative solution to the problem mentioned above is to stay connected to a WiFi network which will always display pop-up notifications for recent messages and updates for any of your social media platform.

But finding a WiFi connection is a huge problem. Most of the times few places don’t even have any public free WiFi access.

However, a workaround for that is to keep you WiFi always on so whenever you are surrounded by a WiFi network your device was already registered to, and it will automatically establish a connection with the same.

Similarly, please enjoy free WiFi benefits provided by restaurants and other avenues instead of using your data. When free is available why spend a penny.

3.Terminate Apps in background

As mentioned earlier on many applications on your Android smartphone running in the background and continuously utilize your memory and data for various updates and notifications.

If you are one of those who doesn’t like their screen to be filled with notifications every time you pick up your phone then, you can save a significant part of your mobile data by disabling these background apps.

Using security and permissions settings on your Android OS, you can restrict these apps from running background thereby saving a huge chunk of your mobile data.

4.Disable App updates on mobile data

Application updates are quintessential but not at the cost of your mobile data. Specific settings configured on the Play Store on your Android smartphone automatically updates the installed applications resulting in the high consumptions of your data.

However, this setting can be changed to “Update only over WiFi,” wherein the applications will only be updated when you are connected to a WiFi network.

Thus, saving some of that precious mobile data. Moreover, you can also turn off the automatic update feature so that the applications will be updated only when you manually choose to upgrade them.

5.Offline content

Music and video streaming have become an integral part of our day to day life. Internet usage statistics have confirmed that around 65% of mobile data spent on music and video streaming apps re recurring.

Hence, you spend your mobile data more on listening to the same song and watching the same video repeatedly the accessing new content.

To avoid that particular app, allow you to store the offline cache meaning that once you stream a video or a song, it can be accessed offline without having to stream it again. YouTube allows you to store videos offline so that you don’t have to use your mobile data to stream them again.

Even browsers allow you to store web pages offline so that you can access the vital content without having to use your mobile data again.

6.Uninstalling Apps and Games with Ads and Data usage

Games and applications comprise of various video by luring you offer in-app purchases. These ads consume your mobile data, and you cannot skip or close them. Such apps and games must be avoided, and if installed on your device then you should remove it immediately.

For figuring out the applications and games which consume a lot of data you should visit the data statistics under the data usage section in the Mobile Data settings on your smartphones.

7.Consider playing games offline

Games play a pivotal role in your mobile data consumption.

A lot of games today can only be played when you are online as it comes with multiplayer options. While such games are aesthetic and impressive, they often result in high mobile data usage.

Moreover, other games come with inbuilt ads which feed on your mobile data. In such cases you must always choose to play with your mobile data turned off as it will not allow ads to run thus, saving your mobile data.

8.Turn on Data Saving feature on browsers

Another essential mobile data saving tip for Android smartphones to use to browsers which come with data saving capability.

Browsing on the internet causes high usage of mobile data due to the advanced technologies used for designing web pages which generates a lot of content.k

These settings are dynamic and can be restricted by the browser itself. All you need is to turn on this feature on your browser, and your browser will automatically save data for you. Browsers such as Opera Mini and Google Chrome come with the Data Saving feature to restrict your mobile data usage.

9.Reduce quality of video while streaming

Streaming videos of high quality is an excellent experience, but not all videos are needed to be watched in HD. You can save a good amount of your mobile data if you switch to the video quality during video streaming.

Thus, depending upon the video manually reduce the quality of the video to save your mobile data.

10.Use Data Saving mode for apps

Various Android apps these days come with an inbuilt feature for protecting data. These apps also consist of Lite versions which use fewer data and offer the functions and features as the native apps.

Mobile Data usage can be restricted by using Lite versions of these applications or by turning on the data saving feature within the app.

While these are some of the best mobile data saving tips for Android smartphones, depending upon the utility and the user the usage of mobile data may vary.

Following these tips will certainly help you save a big amount of your mobile data.

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