20 Best Smartphone Games Of All Time (Both Android and IOS)


best smartphone games of all time

Avid gamers keep on browsing the web to find new games that can keep them hooked.

Google Play is laden with a surplus of games in an array of genre. It makes it bewildering to find best android games.

If you are looking for best games for Android, then your search ends here. Go through our well-curated list of best games on android based on user experience and ratings.

20 Best Smartphone Games Of All Time For More Fun

1.Monument Valley

It is an incredible game that tests your intelligence and IQ. This contemplative puzzler requires you to employ optical illusions to explain each level.

The game has numerous levels, each interesting offering challenges. This meditative and mystifying game is a must-play by all as it exercises the mind.

It boasts of its incredible rating of 4.7 in Google Play.

2.Asphalt 8

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 is the best android racing game that keeps you hooked as well as enthralled.With this game on your device, you’d want to finish up your errands hastily and get gaming.

The game offers an array of tracks, lustrous and dainty vehicles and the option of playing online against multiple players.The game has surplus content and provides amazing graphics. Its online mode is highly captivating which makes the game to garner a rating of 4.5 in Google Play.

3.Battle of Polytopia

The game is set around a classic civilization where you need to employ strategies. It is a turn-based construction game. The player leads a tribe, conquer cities, generate revenues, train the units that take part in the battle, research technologies and develop the terrain.

The player has 30 turns in hand and within that either he has to gain higher points than the opponent or destroy all rival tribes. It is a highly addictive game that bestows it with a user rating of 4.7 in play store.

4.Cut the Rope: Magic

This game is a meditative puzzle game that is the best to pass your leisure time. It is iteration to the Cut the Rope series, but this one is fascinating and has got surplus levels.

The game comes with oodles of transformations, power ups and requires different tactics to solve each level. The game relies on the power system, so it might get slower when you have drained your entire energy.

This entertaining game has a rating of 4.6 in Google Play.

5.Room of Doom- Minions Madness

It is a fascinating infinite runner game and is one of the best games on Android for the entire family. The graphics are charming, and the game is simple to understand. Kids, as well as parents, can enjoy it alike.

The course of the game takes you through an enchanting world, and it will keep you hooked. The game has an impressive user rating of 4.6 in play store.


Reign is another top-notch android game with a user rating of 4.7 in Google Play. It is a strategy game set in a medieval era where the player acts like a monarch. The game revolves around the saga of palace conspiracies. It is monarch’s will whether to accept or reject the suggestions given by his advisors.

The course of the game takes you through many kings while serving your populaces, fighting the enemies and respecting the church. It is a challenging game that will certainly enthrall you.

7.Skyforce Reloaded

It is an exciting top-down scrolling shooting game. The player flies a plane and has to battle all the obstacles, be it defeating bad boys, avoiding bullets and even has to complete quests. The game has a plethora of levels and incredible graphics that will keep you engrossed. The game has a decent user rating of 4.7 and is even ‘Editor’s Choice’ in Google Play.

8.Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

It is a thrilling game that is based on the theme of ‘Final Fantasy.’ It has plenty of content like a plethora of towns, treasures, dungeon explorations, secret dungeons and tons of lore.

The game employs your reasoning and thinking ability. As a player, you need to beat your opponents using your wit. The game offers daily bonus and additional quest to keep it fresh and exciting. It has an incredible user rating of 4.6 in Google Play.

9.Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another enchanting game by the makers of the epic Clash of Clans. In this game, the player needs to accumulate cards, construct a deck and then square off with online opponents. A win gives you a trophy while losing will decrease your trophies.

Like Clash of Clans, in this game also, you’d be required to form clans. You can share cards and challenge clan mates for wars. It is a fantastic card game that has a decent rating of 4.5 in play store.

10.Fallout Shelter

This game is one of the best games for android that was launched in 2015. As the name suggests, the player has to build a shelter and take the dwellers in it. He then needs to safeguard the shelter from various obstacles like fire, snow or raids by bad boys.

This builder simulation game is quite amazing and sees updates quite frequently. It has a user rating of 4.5 in play store.


It is a highly addictive only one of its kind multiplayer game that can be played with your allies. It is one of the best games on android that uses multiple smart phones that are connected either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The game requires you all to work as a team and navigate a spacecraft through a host of hurdles and disasters. It’s entertaining to give instructions to each other and prevent your aircraft from crashing. The game enjoys a user rating of 4.4 in Google Play.

12.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

It is a captivating card dueling game that is editor’s choice and has a rating of 4.4 in Google play. The player has to build a deck, unlock cards and duel other players. It gives you the liberty to built multiple decks. The updates of the game are frequently released by the makers who add a tinge freshness to it. The game has surplus content, and yet it is free which makes it a sought-after game.

13.Nova Legacy

The name is the latest installment of older and successful NOVA game. It is a first person shooting game that has better graphics and controls than its previous version. Bereft amazing graphics, it has a fantastic story line, simple crafting system, and online multiplayer mode. It has a sci-fi theme that makes it entertaining. It has a user rating of 4.4 in play store.

  • Price: Free
  • Available on Play Store
  • Not available on Apple Store

14.Pokemon Go

This game made huge waves in the year 2016 and had accumulated a user rating of 4.1 in Google play. It allows the players to explore the real world while catching Pokemon.

The game is incredibly engaging and is great as it helps in exercising. It uses GPS, and you may catch Pokemon while you are running with the smart phone in your hand. The game sees additions of features now and then.

15.PinOut and Smash Hit

The two games are from the same developers and have garnered an equivalent rating of 4.3 by the users. Smash Hit allows the player to play as the first person and throw metal balls at glass panels to evade certain death. The game is unruffled, exciting and fantastic.

On the other hand, PinOut is a pinball game where you must launch the ball and pass it through various obstacles thereby clearing an assortment of levels.

16.Critical Ops

It is an aggressive first person shooting game that belongs to the newer generation. The player needs to battle terrorists and shoot them down. There is an option where the player can even play as a terrorist. It takes you through various urban-oriented levels where you prime aim should be to shoot as many as terrorists as possible.

The game also has a robust multiplayer community that allows you to play with your pals. The game has catered many aficionados in short span of time and gained a rating of 4.4 in play store.

17.Plague Inc

It is a strategy game where the players have to spread diseases and wipe out the world. The game has copious of diseases, each having its outbreak strategy. The player has to affect maximum populace to advance. It’s a challenging game and is among editor’s choice with a rating of 4.5 in Google Play.


It is yet another shooting game, but here the player has to shoot zombies. It has 300 missions that drive the players into various scenarios, the aim being to maximum slaughter zombies. What’s more is over 50 weapons that can be unlocked, and the incredible graphics. It has received a user rating of 4.5 in play store.


It is one of the best MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) that is for Android. The game has high frame rates and decent graphics. It is a kind of game where you can form a team with your buddies and fight against another team. It offers 25 heroes to unlock and play with and enjoys a rating of 4.4 in play store.

20.Kim Kardashian Hollywood

It is a fascinating casual role-playing game where you play as Kim Kardashian and enjoy your journey to Hollywood. The journey starts from being an E-list celebrity. Throughout the game, you need to garner fame and reputation to climb the ladder of success.

The game aims to become an A-list celebrity. This cleverly written game has a user rating of 4.3 in Google play store.

Final Words

These are the big list of best smartphones games of all time. I hope you find the best game for you.

These 20 games ought to be checked out. Try any or all of these, and you will surely love them. So don’t just read go gaming right away!

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