Best Photoshop Alternatives Software To Try Now(Most Of Them Are Free)


best photoshop alternatives software

Graphic designing has evolved as a profession the recent times. Today, hundreds of thousands of people trade their realistic artworks over the internet, while a bunch lot of people do it for fun.

When it comes to choosing the application to get started with designing, Adobe Photoshop wins the game.

Photoshop indeed a leader in this graphic designing industry, but seems to entirely expensive. That’s why we collected the best alternatives to photoshop.

10 Best Alternatives Software To Photoshop:


GIMP is the first name that comes to a professionals mind when they think of some photoshop alternative.

It is an open source software which was released back in 1996, as General Manipulation program. GIMP is maintained(and was created by) diverse group of volunteers from all over the world.

It is light, has a smooth interface, and available for almost all operating systems out there. Most of the Linux users prefer GIMP over the Photoshop. This application is available in 80 different languages.

  • Official website:


Many professionals might not see illustrator can use as a replacement of Adobe Photoshop.

Well, yes, both of applications are different on many grounds; yet one can not deny the fact that Illustrator also an Adobe product can perform most of the tasks that can be done by Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator is primarily known for logo designing. Apart from logo designing, it is also an excellent tool for business cards, posters, and similar artworks. In other words, Illustrator is more of creating while Photoshop is more of editing pictures or images.

Illustrator also wins when it comes to creating wireframes.While Photoshop works on the pixel-based system, Illustrator creates vector graphics. It means that the artworks created by Adobe Illustrator are scalable and can be resized any time without losing the quality of the artworks, as it works on the coordinate based system.

Illustrator, though an expensive product can beat Photoshop on many grounds. The latest version was released as Adobe Illustrator CC in October 2017.

  • Official website:


Krita is an open source application that aims at digitalizing the art of cartooning and painting.

Initially, this application was known as KImage( as a part of KOffice Suite). Then, it was renamed as Krita in 2002.

Krita was started as image manipulator. However, now the entire community entirely focused on painting and the stuff like concept art, texture, illustrations, comics, matte painting, etc.

Krita is available for all the major three operating systems- Windows, Linux and macOS.

The community also has a dedicated learning page on their website.

  • Download from official website:

4.Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator is known for its easy to use interface. It is the first choice for any Mac using a photographer or, graphics professionals.

Some of its key features include reading and editing photoshop (.PSD) images. Not to mention Pixelmator can smoothly open and edit the most of the image formats like JPEG(.jpg), PNG(.png), TIFF(.tiff), GIF(.gif), GMP(.gmp), TGA(.tga) and even PDF(.pdf). With the recent updates, the application has become more stable.

The Pixelmator Pro is available at around $60 in the Apple App Store; however, its light version named as Pixelmator comes at $15.

Recently, the developers have launched Pixelmator Pro for iPhone X, which is free for the buyers of previous Pixelmator iPhone versions.

  • Official website:


Grafx2 was created in the late 1990s is 256 color painting program. Currently, this application is available to almost all the operating systems ranging from, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Atari, Android, Syllable and so on.

Like most of the free digital painting software, Grafx2 is an open source software and distributed under general public license.

It is mainly famous for designing  2-dimensional game graphics and known for 256 color drawing. It is also the most used image manipulator in the demoscene.

Grafx2 offers a wide range of image manipulation tools, so, yes, it can replace most of the image manipulators.

  • Download Grafx2:

6.Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is not an application; instead, it is a website that offers you an image manipulator interface which runs on Adobe Flash Player Plugin. It is a fast and easy to use freeware which can access via any device over the internet.

Being similar to Photoshop, it has a lot of tools including, smudge, sharpen, lasso, blur, sponge, burn, gradient, etc., and some others like spot heal tool.

Though the website is free for regular use, they offer sets of fonts and stock images for a few dollars a month. The site is available in more than 25 different languages. Like Photoshop, Pixlr also uses the concept of layers.

Overall, the website is inspired by Adobe’s interface and is a great way to create digital artworks.

  • Website link:


Seashore is yet another image manipulator available exclusively to the macOS users. The application is extremely light( size, less than 10 Megabytes), fast, and, above all- free of cost. Even though Seashore has some unique features that even Photoshop lacs, the application is made to fulfill necessary tasks.

Seashore has Cocoa UI, so it runs very smoothly on the Mac devices. Some of the key features that make Seashore stand different; are, Pixel Text Rendering, Repetitive Gradients, 45 Degree Snapping Process, SVG formats, Rounded Rectangle Selection Tool. Other useful features include the comparison to the last saved project, pressure sensitivity, layer linking, auto contrast, etc.

  • Seashore download page:

8.Adobe Lightroom

As the name suggests, Adobe has created Lightroom, especially for photography enthusiasts. While Adobe Photoshop is a perfect image manipulating software, Adobe’s very own Lightroom provides an end solution to image processing. However, both of the software work on the same ACR engine(Adobe Camera Raw Engine). Once installed, it does everything; importing image files from the external flash storages, organizing and editing them, and making it print friendly.

Apart from the interface, the tools are also designed while keeping every kind of work involved during photography in mind. In fact, if your job solely requires photography, Lightroom will take care that you do not have to touch any other app, even Photoshop. One more great feature in Lightroom is the option to create a photo book, which is often used by the photography professionals.

Adobe has also published an Android version of Lightroom in the Google PlayStore that comes at absolutely no cost. Lightroom’s Android app has installed by around 50 million users worldwide.

  • Official website:

9.Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is a free online photo editor that can be accessed on any browser that supports Adobe Flash Player.Of course, the sumo paint application has then regular Photoshop tools like magic wand tool, lasso tool, clone stamp tool, grudge tool, blur tool, etc. And, along with that, it has more than 70 brush styles, gradient fill, free transform tool, etc.

While the free version of Sumo Paint cannot be taken offline, Sumo Pro gives the option to download the Sumo Paint app. The upgrade cost of Sumo Pro costs around $4 per month. Apart from the offline version, the pro pack also includes cloud storage services, processing of high-quality images, future Sumo releases, and a dedicated technical support.

  • Official website:

10. Serif PhotoPlus X8

PhotoPlus X8 is a Serif product which is primarily known for editing photographs. The license of Serif PhotoPlus comes at the cost of around 20 British Pounds.  The application is also known for its lightning fast performance. Like Illustrator, PhotoPlus X8 is also centralized around vector drawing.

While the software is still live, recently Serif has stopped pushing any further updates in the application after the release of Affinity Photo. The publishers have announced that they are now focusing on new software- Affinity Photo, and recommend preferring the same. Like Serif PhotoPlus X8, this new Affinity Photo is also subscription free( can be purchased by making one-time payment). Both the software beat Adobe Photoshop on the ground of affordability. Graphic designers have witnessed some dramatic changes in this new Serif’s product.

With Affinity Photo, it is straightforward to edit 360 degrees images, panorama, etc. Moreover, the software also reads PSD files. Both of these applications are available for Windows and macOS.

  • Official website:

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