5 Best Features Of LG V30 That Makes Its One Of The Best Smartphone


best features of LG V30

In this year, so many high-grade smartphones launched, LG V30 is one of them. LG V30 is the latest flagship that will hit the market in September of 2017. The phone is already creating buzzes among the tech lovers and smartphone users.

V30 was unveiled to the populace back in August 2017, and we cannot deny the fact that we are in awe after its very first look.

This latest smartphone from LG is high-end in a real sense. From beautiful design to best-in-class display and hardware, V30 has it all.

But above all, LG has tried to provide the users best quality audio and video experience with their latest release.

So, what are the best features that you need to look out for in LG V30?

Here Are Five Best Features Of LG V30

Have a look:

1.Great design and build up

Of course, this is the first thing about LG V30 that will make you fall in love with it. The phone has a 6-inch display, and the sides are curved with glass which gives it an eccentric look. Furthermore, the back has a polished metallic look and comes with a fingerprint sensor. In short, V30 is sleek and truly gorgeous.

Amazing, isn’t it?

2.Promising camera quality

V30 has a similar dual camera setup in the back like its predecessor V20. But the camera quality is far better than we have expected.

The primary camera in its dual camera setup is 16 megapixels, and it comes with OIS as well as a wide f/1.6 aperture.

On the other hand, the auxiliary angle camera captures quality snapshots with 120-degree field view.

It helps the users to take pictures even in the little light. And camera quality is fantastic.

It also comes with a secondary camera of 13 megapixel and wide f/1.9 aperture to help you click picture-perfect selfies.

Now capture high-quality photos even during low lights and save it for future.

3.Vibrant display

What is the use of best camera quality if the phone has a crappy display? That’s why; LG has upgraded their screen quality with V30. The phone has a 6-inch P-OLED full-HD display. A wow factor, right?

With 18:9 aspect ratios and a screen resolution of 1440*28880 pixels, it offers brighter colors, perfect blacks and saves battery significantly.

And the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is there to protect your phone from any unwanted damage.

4.Best quality audio and video recording

LG V30 is truly a boon for audiophiles. It has a 32 bit DAC which provides you with the best quality sound that you can ask for.

Moreover, the phone comes with AOP mics. AOP stands for Acoustic Overload Points mic which allows you to record noise-free sound with the excellent audio or video recorder.

Also, it offers you to record videos in full HD quality at full-screen mode. That is something that every tech lover looks out for.

5.Robust specifications

LG V30 comes with best-in-class specifications. The phone is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with a 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Also, the basic model has 64GB internal storage which can further be increased by using a microSD card.

The phone also uses a 3300mAh battery that allows the phone to run for longer hours. So, you can expect smooth completion of the processes without any problem.

LG has indeed provided other flagships with a great challenge with V30. The company has taken all the best features and combined it within their latest release. So, there is no doubt it will rule this latter half of 2017. Are you excited for the latest release?

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