Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In Right Now To Gain Maximum Profit


best cryptocurrency to invest in right now

The exchange rate of Bitcoin never fails to surprise us like anything. In fact, the price of Bitcoin itself becomes news headlines every other day.

On 8th December 2017, BTC surpassed the exchange rate of 18,000 US Dollars. Let us take a glance at the history of Bitcoin. It took around 1800 days for Bitcoin to reach $1000 from 0, while it took a total of 600 seconds to reach 18000 US Dollars from 17000 US Dollars. These figures are proving the point that Bitcoins work on the philosophy of “Big Risk Big Gain.” While direct investment in Bitcoin is profitable, many people may not like to invest in Bitcoins considering the affordability or the risk associated with it.

Well, there are way more altcoins(altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies that come to light after Bitcoin) than one can count. The three most famous altcoins are Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(ETC) and Ripple(XRP). There are still some very good cryptocurrencies that give you an excellent return on your initial investment.

The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In Right Now:


IOTA has witnessed a growth of nearly 1000% in a single month. The currency was valued at a mere rate of 0.5475 cents on November 9th, and it jumped to a peak price of 5.35 US Dollars on December 9th, 2017. Even though the growth of cryptocurrencies is non-predictable, it cannot be denied that IOTA had shown symptoms of this growth early this month. Bitfinex and Binance are two popular platforms for purchasing IOTA.

In case, you are unable to purchase IOTA directly from your country; you can buy Ethereum or Bitcoin and then convert them into IOTA.


Litecoin has always maintained its growth. While it jumped to 38% in very few hours, the total growth of this year was 3000%. Litecoin’s current market cap is 8,626,000,000 US Dollars. Litecoin can be purchased (or traded) by almost all those methods that support Bitcoin trade. The current rate of Litecoin is around $275. The storage systems are also readily available for Litecoins like Bitcoin.


Ethereum is an open source cryptocurrency that has managed to reach 480 US Dollars from 8 US Dollars within a year. The current market cap of Ethereum is 46,174,000,000 US Dollars, and there are about 90 Million Ethereum coins(ETC), circulating in the market. After Bitcoin, Ethereum(ETH) is the second most expensive coin on the market. The Ethereum project released the Ethereum cryptocurrency(ETH) on July 30th, 2015, and it has been profitable to the investors most of the time.


Ripple is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. The coin (XRP) is inexpensive, yet it turns out to be a profitable investment. As of 14th December 2017, the value of XRP went up to 0.55 US Dollars. Even though XRP is valued at one fourth a US Dollar, the total market cap is no less, more than, 25,922,763,000 USD. Ripple, governed by RippleNet aims to be a global enterprise blockchain solution. XRPs can be purchased on the platforms like Bitstamp, Korbit, Bitso, Coinone, Coincheck, etc.

Ripple is the best choice for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive investment in cryptocurrency.

ZCash (ZEC)

ZCash, priced at around $471 is a form of payment that guarantees more security and privacy. Also an open source cryptocurrency, it is decentralized and has a better blockchain technology.

While the currency is yet not widespread, the market cap of ZCash is around $1,344,442,699. One of the main reasons people are not considering ZCash a possible investment in its history. The price of one ZEC was more than 4000 US Dollars in October 2016 which fell to 36 Dollars on December 21, 2016. However, ZCash was not so much unstable in the recent few months.


While most of the times investment in cryptocurrencies are profitable, yet it requires an excellent study of their previous graphs to ensure a substantial gain. Most of the currencies show up with a massive growth in their valuation, while some of them brutally fall.

Bitcoin, though expensive, is currently the most trusted form of cryptocurrency. It always has had a history of overall growth throughout its journey. Hence, Bitcoin is the most apparent cryptocurrency that should be considered for making a significant investment.

Meanwhile, Litecoin and Ethereum are also two cryptocurrencies that are performing right and becoming more stable in the market.

While BTC was recently valued at 18000 US Dollars, it can not be said that investment in cryptocurrencies takes a significant sum of money.

There are coins like Ripple out there in the market, which can be purchased at as low as 0.25 US Dollars. In a nutshell, an excellent way to ensure profitability is investments are multiple cryptocurrencies. Some of the investments can be long-term, while some of them can be traded for immediate gain.

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