5 Best Antivirus Software For Mac- Secure Your Mac Immediately


Computer security is a primary concern for every user after recent ransomware like wannaCry, Petya. The good news is that if you regularly update your computer, patch up the breaches and have a good antivirus then you can stay relaxed and there’s nothing to worry about. But if you have got Mac and are wondering whether you need an antivirus or not? Then definitely you should read this guide.

Do I need an antivirus software for Mac?

What if I say that” All Mac users need an Antivirus Program” What will be your first thoughts! Well most of them disagree with this before 2017, but recent year proved this statement as true. Why so? Go back to history, in 2012, 6 million Macs were infected with Flashback Trojan and 2013 most OS X developers had a target hit. And in 2015 and 2016 XcodeGhost attack and encrypting ransomware for Macs appeared.

So what you say, Mac also is not sufficiently secured, it is far from invulnerable and new Mac threats. Surprisingly there are many top quality antiviruses programs for Mac in the market, which always maintains its database up to date.

Below are the five best antivirus software for Mac programs for your consideration:

1.Avast-Free Mac Security

Avast is one of the best security for Mac because of its top quality efficient and free non-commercial use with full-system malware scan along with specific email threads, attachments, and various web activities for web pages, downloads and Java scripts. It detects almost cent percent virus on Mac related to windows malware. Avast comes with an interface that is easy to navigate and also has a sidebar that scan, reports and maintains the sections. The application interference is straightforward and self-explanatory with drag and drops scanning for files, scan external drives, phishing protection and a navigational pane on the left show real-time graph and five primary buttons.

2.Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

Most people call Malwarebytes as MBAM, which started as adware removal tool for Mac and now fully loaded and can equip your machine with reliable protection against malware. This software lets you quickly get rid of infection with any of the Mac-specific malware. It can run deep scans to find out pernicious MacOS malware like Fruitfly. Unlike other, it won’t provide “real-time” protection. Malwarebytes offers the best real-time protection wall which means it automatically removes the dangerous threats without doing much. It even protects from Adware and PUP protection. Simple user interface with fewer effects on the system.

3.Sophos Antivirus Mac Home Edition

Sophos, Antivirus sits among the best antivirus software for Mac. Sophos provides all necessary options you expect from quality antivirus software, actually more than your expectations. Interestingly history of Mac malware is shown with evidence by Sophos right from “82”. This offer on-demand scans, custom and scheduled scans on all your choice of drives, fils, and folders. Also, you can quarantine any of the potential threats by deleting or by isolating.

Sophos manages to cram all of its features into a small interference with low system-performance impact. Its parental control helps you with remote scans and block sites by categories. It keeps a complete list of all banned sites list with time. Because of its constant research on protection and antivirus it never stops you updating your machine with latest packages to safeguard from threats in Mac.

4.Bitdefender Virus Scanner


Bitdefender has a long record of the best antivirus for a world of windows, that tradition continues with Mac too. Antiphishing powers and even best protector for ransomware which protects all your files, backups and time machine. Modern, streamlined interference places and for all kinds of scans, it stood as an award-winning antivirus engine. It enhances the security by offering ironclad protection with fast and non-intrusive performance.

Even it can scan Mac quick launch and critical locations with an entirety of system library. Disinfects and quarantines the threats suspicious files. You can remove or block Adware entirely with the help of this software. The autopilot gives the non-stop protection enabling zero impact on your Mac’s performance. It automatically updates its files before scanning. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is one of the only a few solutions that offers complete malware detection.

5.Kaspersky Internet Security For Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security works on lowest system impact, outstanding performance as antivirus and kept its name as of the best malware-detection software. It has extra features like lock down your webcam, protecting your browsing activity and parental control and tracking of sites you’ve visited. Excellent value for money is, Kaspersky Internet Security is the best option available. Kaspersky offers excellent advance utilities rendering all the functions and provides excellent security. It is loaded with the best spyware and adware protection databases, including the blocking of harmful websites, intercept and block tracking. Resources are bundled with all capabilities enough for scan history automation and other advanced features.

The scourage of ransomware is rising; attacks are becoming more common, Macs have also suffered. Interestingly, ransomware has to be handled like spyware, Trojan and other malware and viruses. But because of present conditions, we should consider ransomware as something dangerous, can become a hazard for data if it goes unnoticed. So our security tools should be the performing against all attacks.

Ensure you install at least one among the top five antivirus software for your Mac. And, these antivirus software also best for Windows operating system.

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