Best Android Backup Apps Don’t Loose Your Data Again


Best Android Backup Apps

Most of the time we think about backup when our phone gets stolen or broken. It takes a lot of work to reset it back to normal, and until then our data gets lost. If you don’t want to take the risk of losing your files, the best option is to make your backup with these smart apps.

We are listing the top 10 best Android backup apps.

1.App backup restore


App backup restore is a speedy and simple app which backups large files including your contacts. It comes with a very less space for storage. This can backup and restore APKs and does auto-backup. If you want to backup your information to cloud, drives or SD card, this app is best for you. It allows backup of system apps. Especially it is perfect to use this app in case if you have less internal storage on your phone.

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2.G Cloud Backup


If you are looking for cloud backup then the G Cloud Backup is the best option for you. The G Cloud Backup is free and easy to use cloud backup apps. It offers free 1GB storage for free and you can upgrade to higher storage later. The G Cloud Backup app capable of backups SMS, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, music, system settings and more. Inside this app, you can make the list of your files for automatic backup. You required creating a free account to use this application.

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3.Easy backup and restore


This is a free app for Android. It benefits to back up your Android contents and easily restores it. With this easy backup and restore app you back up your data which includes SMS, MMS, contacts, call logs, calendar events as well as your app APKs. It gathers all your information and keeps your SD card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive. By doing the files back up in a zip archive format helps you to read on your PC or phone easily. Easy backup and restore app is a great, clean interface app having a lot of useful options which makes it simpleĀ to manage. This is very effective when you change from one phone to another.

4.Contact backup and restore


It is a faster data backup and restore tool app. It saves premium contacts back up and quickly imports your contacts into an Android phone. This gives a safe and quick accessible copy. It is a simple restore process in any devices. The main capabilities of this app are, it back up your contacts privately and securely to NQ space, restore contacts directly from NQ space, back up contacts to your SD card, restore your address book from the SD card. Back up your contacts in offline. This imports whole address book between phones and tablets in one action. It is available in 14 different languages so that you can change the language of appl.

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5.Super backup and restore


This is one of the simple, excellent backup apps having the functional interface which makes easy to use. This is also the fastest data backup and restore app on Android phones. This can show the last back up to count and time. It has buttons and backup everything individually including contacts, text messages, call history, bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, Google Drive. Through this app, you can share installation APK file with your friends by tapping once. The benefits are, you will never lose your data again. It also backs contacts group and pictures properties.

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6.Titanium backup


Titanium backup is pretty app without many features for non-rooted devices. Remember an interesting thing that this titanium backup is the king of all backup apps for root users from past and until now. This is an essential tool for the root users. It receives many updates and consists tons of features. You can back up, restore and freeze your apps, data and market links. You can back up the internet browser, all your bookmarks, all you WiFi access points which you are connected, back up all of your lock screen code, your ringtone settings, and entire phone. You can also move any app data from SD card or to SD card. This app also helps you to browse any app’s data to see the detailed information about the app.

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7.Backup your mobile


With the help of backup your mobile app, you can save and restore your backups easily and safely. This app is a potent backup tool for your Android phone not only backup SMS, MMS, contacts but also your call logs, system settings, WiFi passwords, calendar events, bookmarks and browsing history. With this simple, practical, free app you can back up your whole Android system quickly and effectively. You can also thoroughly back up your Android smartphone with backup your mobile app. It is possible to schedule automatic backups to cloud services Google Drive, Dropbox or Sky Drive. Doing like this is beneficial because the backup to cloud services doesn’t take valuable space on the device or external storage. This app also allows the users to download the backups which are previously uploaded from the selected cloud.

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8.SMS backup and restore


This is a simple free Android app which backs up and restores all your messages and call logs in the phone and saves call logs in a format which is backed up in the cloud, makes easy and quick retrieval whenever needed. Usually, most of the apps will only let you copy multimedia but not SMS across devices, but this app is very good in verifying the data files and backing up the text messages. If you want to clear some space in your memory, then upload the data in your Email, Google Drive, and DropBox. Since you had made back up of the important details, there is no need to worry when your phone was lost.

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9.My Backup Pro


My backup app comes with a list of options enabling you to save the files in the easiest way. Almost everything from contacts to messages can be stored with this backup tool. All the files are stored in the local storage or you can even use the cloud storage for backup.

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