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How to connect your Smartphone to Skyworth TV or Coocaa TV? (Viewing phone screen to Android, Smart, Basic TV)

Viewing smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a personal desktop computer screen into a larger TV screen is known as screen mirroring or screen casting. 

As of the writing, most Android smartphone or tablet, laptop and even desktop personal computer comes supporting google chrome cast. And as early as 2013, most Smartphone have already support's screen mirroring function.

Therefore, use either Screen Mirroring or Google Chrome Cast to share whatever is on your Android or Linux and Windows devices directly on your TV. Stream a video. Share your photos. Play games. Or mirror exactly what's on your device's screen — all with Google chrome cast or Screen Mirroring.

However, if your Smartphone or TV does not have a Google chrome cast or Screen mirroring function, you can often still connect using a HDMI cable if the TV is DLNA-certified.

DLNA® stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. Any DLNA-certified smartphone can able connect to a DLNA-certified TV such as Skyworth.

How to connect Android Smartphone to TV using Google Chrome Cast?

In order for you to use this function (Google Chrome Cast), a minimum requirement are; the TV must have featuring Google Chrome Cast function; user must have a good internet connection; Smart Android TV must able to be connected to the access point or router and an Android Smartphone.

Now that we already know the minimum requirement in order for us to use the Google Chromecast function. Then we need to install an Android application that we need in order for us to connect the Smartphone to the TV.

This application are the following; Google Home, LocalCast for Chromecast, Cast to TV, Video & TV Cast, Apps for Chromecast, All Screen, Web Video Cast, AllCast, Any Cast, Videostream Chromecast, AllConnect, EZCast, TVCast and more other.

In this post, we use Google Home app to control our Chromecast ready TV and share the smaller screen to bigger one. Aside from sharing screen, Google Home app can also use to control lights, cameras, air-con thermostats, playing music and more.

How to Install Google Home to Android Device?

  1. Navigate your Android Smartphone or Android Device and look for Play Store.
  2. Tap Play Store icon.
  3. On "Search Google Play" text box, key-in "Google Home" then tap search button.
  4. Tap Install and it automatically download the app which has an around 9mb of file size.
  5. After a successful installation, tap "Open".
  6. Tap "Get started".
  7. Choose a Google account that you want to use with Google Home app.
  8. Tap the Google account icon or login then tap "OK".
  9. On your mobile phone screen choose "Home" then tap Next.
  10. The app will ask a "Location access". Which is neede to detect nearby Wi-Fi signals and determine your location during the setup process.
  11. Tap "Next" then tap "Allow".
  12. A window pane pop out with a title "Your home in your hands".
  13. Tap Watch Now.
  14. Then it will redirect to Youtube and play the demo animation.

Step by step guide on how to connect your Android Smartphone to TV using Google Chromecast?

By default, all available Cast devices will automatically appeared on Home screen under "Other Cast devices" as long as the Android Smartphone and the Chromecast ready TV is connected to the same access point or router. However, if you want to configure it manually the following steps below will help you.
  1. Navigate your android mobile phone.
  2. Look for Google Home icon and tap it to open.
  3. Tap the "plus sign". Then choose nickname for this home to help you identify it later.
  4. Tap "Set up device".
  5. Tap "New devices".
  6. Choose a "Home". You will able to control the devices and services in this home.
  7. Tap "Next". Device start a search "Looking for devices".
  8. Then manually choose the device.
To play video, share images or anything from your Android smartphone screen. Just open the Chromecast compatible app and tap the cast icon that is usually appeared on top of the app. E.g., Youtube, Netflix, Iflix, google chrome browser, and more other cast compatible applications.

How to connect Linux or Windows Laptop or Personal Computer Desktop to Chromecast ready TV?

A few years ago, if you want to share your Laptop or Personal Computer Desktop to the larger screen, you need to have the following; a VGA cable or a HDMI cable that will physically connect from device port to port.

In order for us to connect the Laptop or Personal Computer Desktop to Smart TV, we need to do following steps;

But that good old days are long gone. Today, wireless technology have replaced it. And the most known technology was called "Google Chromecast".

How to connect Laptop and Desktop Computer to Chromecast ready TV
with helpful illustration.

  1. Must have an installed google chrome browser.
  2. Update the browser into the latest version.
  3. Connect the Chromecast ready TV and computer to the same access point or router.
  4. Then do the following steps below;
Connect Skyworth TV and Computer to the “SAME” Network.
Open Google Chrome Browser and go to "Customize and Control Google Chrome".
Look for “Cast…” and click
Select “Cast to” then a drop down menu appear down below.
Select your source

Cast tab - share only browser tab.
Cast desktop – you can share the content of your desktop.
Cast file – you can stream a video or audio file.
Select your TV name.

Please Note: Skyworth TV default name in this guide is “globe”
Select “globe” then click “Share”.
TV and Computer Successfully Connected!!!

Q&A Cast and Android

Where do I get apps for my android TV?
From the google play store you can download any content of your choice.

What can I cast on my Android/Cast TV?
You can cast photos,videos,shows and etc provided your smart phone is compatible with the cast app.

What kind of pre installed apps do I get on the on the Android TV?
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Google play store
  • Google music
  • Cast TV

What are the Compatible apps?
  • ShowMax
  • Kodi
  • Google games
  • Dstv Now app

Where do I find the cast option on my TV ?
On your Remote locate the source button and then navigate to cast.

How do I Play TV shows and movies using Google Home?
On your Skyworth Cast Tv to access the smart features follow the steps bellow.
  1. On your remote go to source
  2. Navigate to Cast tv
  3. Then setup your mobile device to connect with your cast tv using the cast icon .

How do I set up my mobile device for the cast TV?
  1. Connect your Mobile device to your wifi connection
  2. Download Google Home Cast from google play store on to your mobile device.
  3. Launch google home cast and log in to your google account.
  4. Search for the device using the google home cast app.
  5. Observe that on the cast tv screen will indicate that the set up is successful
  6. On your mobile device launch youtube and play a video of your choice and cast to screen by selecting this icon on the right hand side of your youtube screen
  7. Observe that the video will appear on your TV screen in full screen.

For more apps like Netflix and Showbox select discover on your mobile device and search for the desired apps. The selected app will be downloaded on your device and as you access the app will allow you to cast to screen provided you downloaded the app through google home cast.

If my mobile device switches off can I continue to watch what ever I was casting on the TV?
Yes because the cast feature uses WiFi to cast even if your device switches off the TV continues to cast pulling data from the WiFi signal.

What kind off accessorize can I use on this device?
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless key board
  • Wireless Game
The whole process is just takes a few second. By default all cast device that is connected to the same access point or router become available to one another.

Connection desktop PC to bigger screen like TV is also known as extend desktop PC screen or laptop display to Chromecast ready Smart TV.

Connect Smartphone to Smart TV via Screen Mirroring (Wireless Display, Wi-Fi Display or Cast Screen)

Screen mirroring (also known as Skyshare™ for Skyworth TV) let you wirelessly beam your photos, videos, presentations, or even your video, games to your Skyworth TV Screen. For example a Samsung Android Mobile (Tablet or Phone) you can connect to Skyworth Skyshare™ using the AllShare® Cast function.
You will be able to connect directly to the Smart TV. To verify, if your TV support Screen Mirroring, please refer to your TV user manual.

Step by Step guide connecting Skyworth Skyshare to Smart Phone with helpful illustration.

In this tutorial we will use Skyworth Smart TV to connect with mobile phone via Skyshare function.
Using your Skyworth Smart TV remote, press HOME and select Skyshare on the TV's display.
Skyshare display turn over and it looks like the figure below.
On your mobile phone / tablet, Menu >> Settings>> AllShare Cast. Touch the slider to turn it on.
Then select your Skyworth Smart TV from the list (commonly look like RealtekBC:EC:23:67:F9:35).
Your device is now connected to the Smart TV via Screen Mirroring, and all in your screen will be share automatically to the bigger screen.

Connecting Android Smart Phone to Skyworth MiraShare with Helpful Photo illustration.

  • Open the Skyworth MiraShare Application on your TV.
  • On your Smart phone, find and open the screen mirroring function of your phone.
  • Search for the Available Device
  • Connect to the Available Device
  • Then, finally if the connection is successful, you can now project your phone screen to the TV.

One cable end plugs into your phone or tablet while the other plugs into the HDMI port on your TV.

If you have any question or clarification please fill-up this form #AskSkyworth and request technical assistant.


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